Archangel Zadkiel and St. Germain


Sent in by Jan

Archangel Zadkiel and St. Germain are sending the Violet flame of transmutation. Mother Mary and Archangel Chamuel are sending love, and Archangel Gabriel is sending purity. There is also some energy at the side from Archangels Micheal, Raphael, Chamuel, Zadkiel and Uriel. The energy is pouring into the land, touching nature and the elementals as well as the people and animals. Transmuting the 3rd dimensional energies so that a higher frequency energy can be absorbed and accepted

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    Dear Ellen, These wedding photographs are wonderful!  I am commenting on the third one down.  You and your husband were very blessed to have Archangel Rapahel, the green orb behind you, and Archangel Metatron, the orange orb, on your husband’s chest, with you on that special day.   The blue light is Archangel Michael protecting you […]

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  • Sent in from Marianne

    Dear Marianne, I have chosen this particular orb because I feel the energy of Archangel Purlimiek (the angel of nature) the pale green orb then I feel the energy of a Unicorn the white orb. Unicorns are returning to earth again and bring purity and love to places like you herb garden. You are very […]

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  • Sent in from Kirsi

    Dear Kirsi, Thanks for this really lovely photo this is a portal of angels of Archangel Azriel (the angels of Death) assisting souls to cross over with the help of Mother Mary and Archangel Gabriel. It looks like a mass clearing of souls. This happens in times of great energy bursts when souls are able […]

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