Communicating with Animals

Dear Diana and Teammates.

I have been trying to learn communications with our beloved animals (and trees, plants, etc.) for about nine months now.

Unfortunately it does not seem to work. I might be able to send information, listening / gathering information is a problem, though.

Do the angels maybe have an advice for me?

I thank you for your being.

Best regards from Germany 🙂


Dear Tina,

These skills work best when we are relaxed and have no preconceived ideas of how the communication may happen.

So, be relaxed when you are communicating and accept whatever you get back, whether that is words, a picture or a feeling. If you have been expecting to hear words and you get a feeling, you may have dismissed this or not recognised it as a response.

I also find that asking the unicorns and my guardian angel to connect with the guardian angel of the animal or plant also helps.

Please continue in your practice and I am sure that you will soon get positive results.

Sending Angelic Blessings

Susan Rudd
Master Teacher at Diana Cooper Foundation

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