Heartbeat of a Tree

Heartbeat of a Tree

By Aunty Catherine



Tree Clipart - Silver Birch Tree

Did you know a tree has a heartbeat? It’s the noise of the sap running inside it.
The best time to hear it is during the early springtime when the sap is more plentiful because it’s getting ready to help the leaves to grow. Deciduous trees are easier to hear than conifers.


Have you ever put your ear on someone’s chest to listen to their heart beat? You can do the same to a tree.

Place your ear against the trunk and listen. Just like it’s easier to hear a person’s heartbeat with a stethoscope it’s easier to hear a trees heartbeat with one too.

You can make your own stethoscope by placing the open end of a glass up to the trunk of the tree and putting your ear on the other end. This works to magnify the sound but you still have to be very quiet to hear it.


Trees with thin bark are easier to hear so try those first.


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