Helping my child

I am trying to settle my son into nursery, he is doing well and I always ask Michael to take away any fear and to comfort him and the other children. Today he was inconsolable and I had to bring him home. I also asked mother Mary to be with him and gave him some reiki. Why did this happen and can you give any advice for the future?


Dear Catherine,

Your little son is a very sensitive soul and he picks up all the energies round him, from what is happening at home and in the world to the fears of other children in the nursery each day. The energy was not right for him that day to be left. Recognise that he needs to be given extra security and love.

You have been doing exactly the right thing calling on Archangel Michael to protect him. He helps him more than you have any idea of. It was also perfect to call in Mother Mary and all the angels. They enfolded him in love and comfort. He chose you as a mother, knowing that you could help him stay connected to the angelic realms. He will soon mature and be able to cope with more and different energies.

With love and blessings,


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