Hi, I feel quite happy in my own company but lonely around others and this feeling has been around with me since I was a small child. I also feel I don’t belong on the planet and separated from others which leads to feelings of not being loved or important (I am not the one to make friends with just anyone). And this feeling started since I was a small child. I did feel neglected by my parents and I have forgiven them. I am 29 years old and still feel like that even if I have people who adore me, I am in a relationship, I am healthy and appear to look happy. But find it hard to be happy and feel unhappy on the planet. Is there a reason for this ?

Dear Friend,

Often when people have the feelings that you describe it is because their soul is from a different planetary system. It is likely that this is the first incarnation that your soul has had on this planet, to experience the physical body and emotions. Connect with your Higher Self in meditation and ask where your soul originates from, and also what your purpose is for being here. When you are working on your souls purpose you will get a greater sense of value for this life. When you know where your soul originates from, you can also ask to journey there in your sleep time, or in meditation, this may ease the feelings of homesickness.

Angelic Blessings


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