Mistrust of orthodox medicines

Hi Diana

Could you help me to understand why I have an inner fear / distrust of orthodox medicines, i cant seem to get beyond the power struggles that go on with the sales of medication and control over orthodox medical treatment.

I am a channel for energy healing and my faith is in universal/Angel healing. An uneasy feeling comes over me if I have to go to the doctors or hospital as its almost like i am showing a lack of faith in energy healing.

How can this be brought into balance please? I embrace medical breakthroughs as its the Atlantean side of me coming through. However I also embrace the natural healing therapies from Lemuria.

From reading your books, i have realised that there needs to be a healthy balance without any ego, but is there any advice you could offer, to give me confidence when seeing my GP, please?

lots of love

Kerry xxx

Dear Kerry,

Natural medicine works slowly to bring things into balance in the body. In the era of Golden Atlantis people did not have karma or imbalances brought through from past lives and so natural methods and energy healing provided the slight correction that was needed. Natural healing methods do not always work quickly enough where there is a karmic basis for the dis-ease and this includes family and ancestral karma. This is why powerful allopathic drugs were developed.

I understand your uneasy feeling when you go to the doctor or hospital. When this happens to me I often feel a failure. However we do not always know what energies we are passing through our bodies which is manifesting as illness. Many healers and Lightworkers are doing extraordinary and valiant work in this way and sometimes need a medicine which closes down the chakras quickly.

When you need to go to the doctor or hospital perhaps it would help to ask Archangel Raphael to guide you to the right place and add his healing to any orthodox method that is used.
With best wishes for good health


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