Receiving Wisdom and Unconditional Love

orbSent in by Gerry – This is a wonderful orb it feels almost like silkworm was weaving it………. when you look at this orb you pick up the fear of humanity that has turned into wisdom and also there is some pink in the orb this is the power of unconditional love that makes this possible. When you look at this orb you receive wisdom and unconditional love.


Carol De Vasconcelos
Master Teacher at the Diana Cooper Foundation

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    Dear Luz, This is a beautiful pure white Archangel Gabriel orb and it carries Spirits.  Gabriel is the Angel of Purity and is in charge of activating the Base, Sacral and Navel Chakra for humanity at the fifth dimension.  The Orb is protected by Archangel Michael (the blue outline) and there is also some of […]

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  • Sent in from Helge

    Dear Helge, This is a most amazing Archangel Michael orb.  He is the Angel of Protection, Courage and Strength.  The orb is transmitting these qualities to you and the surrounding area.  Archangel Michael is also the Angel responsible for the activation of the throat chakra in the fifth dimension where it becomes a beautiful royal […]

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  • Sent in from Karen

    Dear Karen, This is a stunning picture because of the way the sun crown and bathes the boy in light!  The angels are using the reflective sun light to transmit their blessings to the boy.  The more dominant colours here are white and yellow.  The yellow rays contain Archangel Uriel’s energy, he is the Angel […]

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