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Diana CooperThis is a stunning picture. The Angels are using reflective sunlight to transmit their blessings and to anchor their energies.  Your cat Swee Pea looks as if she herself has become a divine statue of Bast the Egyptian cat goddess as she is being bathed in divine energies. The blue is Archangel Michael’s protective energy transmitting courage and strength.  The red is Archangel Metatron’s ascension energy.  The aquamarine light is Mother Mary’s energy, the Queen of Angels.  The pink is Archangel Chamuel’s energy transmitting love and compassion.  The yellow is Archangel Uriel’s energy, transmitting peace and confidence. This picture reminds us how special animals are and that we are one with them. Just like us, they are on their
 ascension journey and just like us they receive great spiritual support. Looking at this picture heightens your intuition, opens your heart and your mind and brings you healing.

Love and Light

Franziska, DC Orb Team

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