Write a Dream Diary

Write a Dream Diary

By Aunty Betty – Illustration by Melanie McIntyre.


Write a Dream Diary A  Dream Diary is very simple to do. It’s where we can get messages from our Guardian Angels and all the Angels.
As we go to sleep at night, we can ask the Angels to help us, by giving their messages to us, in our dreamtime.
When we do this for a few days, we can perhaps see a pattern coming through. Or we can find that we get help from the Angels, with the messages they will pop into our minds or dreams as we sleep every night.




  1. Place a copy book and pencil by the side of your bed.
  2. Just before you go to sleep, ask the Angels to give you a message while you are sleeping tonight. Close your eyes, and know that the Angels are wrapping their huge wings around you, so that you will have a wonderful, soothing nights sleep.
  3. First thing next morning, just when you open up your eyes get your copy book, pencil and write down a few lines of what comes into your mind.
  4. Do this for the next 7 nights.
  5. The Angels will help you by giving you messages in your Dreams or while you sleep.

You can send me, AUNTY BETTY, a copy of your Dream Diary if you wish – at kids@dianacooper.com and we can put this on the WALL OF FAME.


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